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How do I know what size I am?

Follow the guides on our how to Measure section. 

How do I wash the kilt?

Ideally, take the garment to a dry cleaner. Or, spot cleaning with a cloth and dish detergent may do the trick. Putting your kilt in the washing machine runs the risk of wrinkling the pleats. They can be ironed back into place but that can be time consuming.

What if a snap comes out? 

Despite the durability of our items, wear and tear will occur. If you do find a snap missing, we are happy to mail you replacements which can easily be installed by a seamstress, or a handy friend with a riveting press.

What am I supposed to wear under my kilt?

We have opinions on the matter, but believe that decision is yours based on hygiene and preference. We dedicated an entire t-shirt to you regimental folks because we know you...

What's a kilt check? 

After a kilt purchase from us, likely how you'll meet your next partner. Cheers. Did we mention the t-shirt?

Are short kilts a skirt? 

If you're buying, we'll call them anything you want. 

Can I return or exchange the item?

If the item has not been worn, or exhibits any smell or wear and tear, we'll be happy to refund the purchase. Prior to returning, email us to get the shipping address and we'll inspect the item. You will be responsible for the shipping back to us.

If the garment meets return requirements, we will happily issue a refund. Then you can order your proper size if you so choose.

If the returned item is not found to be in sellable condition, we will send the garment back to you and charge shipping only. 

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